3 Strangers Help Woman Evacuate 86 Cats From Shelter During Fire

March 15, 2022

Jackie Mihal had to pack her an entire life in a matter of seconds while also evacuating more than 80 cats.

86 cats rescued from fire
Jackie Mihal

On March 4, a wildfire approached her home in Panama City where she runs Salty Cats of St. Andrews Rescue Group.

Mihal had 86 cats and one bunny to board up and get out of harm's way. Some of the cats the group cares for are feral and some are sickly. She also faced another challenge: limited cages to contain the animals.

"I honestly don't know how I got them in their cages," said Mihal. "And I don't know where those three guys came from."

86 cats rescued from fire
Salty Cats of St. Andrews Rescue

Mihal was referencing Brian Salmon, Scott Morris, and Scott Trunzo. These three strangers just happened to be in the area and helped Mihal in her time of need.

"They were placed there for a reason," she said.

Together, they successfully evacuated all 86 cats -- and the bunny.


On Monday, Mihal announced on Facebook that they have finally returned home.

"We are home!!!! Thank you everyone who helped make this possible! We will be working on getting them their cat towers, I will be assembling kitty furniture today that sherry and Larry purchased for the babies. They were gifted with some new beds, blankets and toys that they absolutely love. Now we will be getting back to our normal crazy cat days. Thank you everyone for all of your support."

Watch the video below.

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