Pest Control Technician Saves Drowning Bird From Pool

March 8, 2022

A pest control technician in Arizona went above and beyond the job to help rescue an animal in need.

pest control tech rescues hawk
Steven Gonzales

For Steven Gonzales, it was a typical day on the job until he noticed a hawk splashing around in a client's pool.

"I see this hawk, and it's just gripping, like, something in a pool, like a drain or something," Gonzales told Fox 10. "It's just, like, holding itself up, so I was, like, OK, what am I going to do?"

Gonzales jumped into action to rescue the hawk, and it was all caught on camera by a trainee.

The hawk seemed to be very grateful, as Gonzales said it was very calm. It even perched on his arm for quite a while.

The bird is currently being looked after by Wild At Heart, a nonprofit that rescues birds. Gonzales said he gets daily updates, and hopes to be there when it is released.

Watch the video of the rescue below.

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