Meet Holiday, Maine's First Courthouse Facility Dog

March 7, 2022

A yellow Labrador Retriever will become the first courthouse facility dog in the state of Maine.

Meet Holiday.

Holiday courthouse therapy dog
Holiday / Credit: The Bangor Daily News

Holiday is specifically trained to work with people in a courtroom setting.

Aroostook County District Attorney Todd Collins told Bangor Daily News that courthouse dogs can help traumatized children and victims of crime.

"Courthouse facility dogs can provide a sense of normalcy during juvenile and family court proceedings, and can accompany vulnerable crime victims, including children, rape victims, developmentally delayed adults and the elderly during investigations and court proceedings," Collins said. "They can also provide emotional comfort to family members during the trial and sentencing of the offender."

Collins wants Aroostook County to become the first district in Maine to employ courthouse dogs to comfort children and victims of violent crimes throughout the legal process.

Holiday courthouse therapy dog
Holiday / Purpose Pups - Facebook

Holiday is currently 14 weeks old and was donated by Karley Allen of Northern Woods Labs in Limestone.

She's being trained by Purpose Pups.

"When I was starting my program, I knew that part of my mission would be to donate puppies for therapy and service work purposes as I believe wholeheartedly in the power of a dog," said Allen. "They are truly heart healers that give endless love and can give so much back to our communities when placed in these roles."

Watch the video below.

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