Woman Revives Platypus That Drowned In Queensland Floods With CPR

March 2, 2022

A platypus washed away in Queensland floodwaters has been brought back to life, thanks to a Mary Valley local.

woman saves platypus CPR
Credit: Lady Penelope

Lady Penelope said she spotted the lifeless platypus at the Imbil bridge once floodwaters receded.

"I just panicked and I didn't know what to do ... I started doing those two finger compressions like we're taught to do on babies that aren't breathing," she said.

"It coughed and spluttered and started breathing again, which was just amazing."

Penelope said she collapsed into the mud with happy tears and sat for about 10 minutes.

"It looked at me and blinked its little eyes and very slowly walked back towards the water and eventually swam off," she recalled.

"It was the most incredible thing … one of the most joyous things I could've ever been a part of."

Watch the video below.

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