Wales Trials Guaranteed Income For Foster Care Youths Turning 18

February 21, 2022

18-year-olds leaving foster care will be offered a guaranteed income under a Welsh government pilot program.

Wales foster kid income

Welsh Ministers want to test out how the payments could help care leavers be better placed for their transition into independence as adults.

It is expected about 500 people will qualify for the £1,600 a month, beginning one month after their 18th birthday. The income will be unconditional and will not be withdrawn if participants get a job.

Milly Floyd Evans, a representative of the National Youth Advocacy service on the Welsh Youth Parliament, says it will be a "safety net" for those who have been in care who may not have support from their families.

"Many have been damaged, physical and mentally - this can help pay for private counselling or therapy as often public waiting lists for these services are so long," Evans said.

Officials are hopeful that the program will start this summer, although there is no official start date.

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