300 Bales Of Hay Donated To Kentucky Farmers Hit By Tornadoes

January 14, 2022

Louisville businesses are working together to help people in Western Kentucky who have been struck by tornado after tornado this past month.

hay donated to farmers
Credit: WAVE 3 News

The Frazier History Museum ran a fundraising campaign in December where museum visitors could make donations with all proceeds going to tornado relief efforts.

An anonymous donor wished to lend a hand a specific group: farmers. The $25,000 donation was used to purchase hay.

"Animals need to be taken care of," Dale Corum, general manager of Mercer Transportation, said. "They need food, they need places to lay. One of the things that gets overlooked in situations like this is that animals have to be protected from everything on the ground."

On Thursday, Mercer Transportation dispatched one of their drivers to deliver 300 bales of hay to those who had been hit the hardest. Officials expect it will take eight trips to transport all the hay.

"It's good to be a part of this. I think people, in general, want to help out. I think people, in general, want to be in a position to help out. Mercer feels very fortunate to be in a position to help out and we hope it meets the needs right where they are," added Corum.

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