Company Gives Each Employee $100 And One Mission: Make A Difference In Someone's Life

December 27, 2021

The world's largest independent digital health agency gave its employees $100 this holiday season, but there was one catch: They had to give it away.

Klick health 100 dollars spread joy
Klick Health

Klick Health, based in Toronto, received more than 1,700 video clips of good deeds from employees after distributing their holiday cards. Inside the card was a $100 bill and a message that read "a simple act of kindness can inspire many more".

"We really didn't give people a lot of direction, and the direction was, here's a $100 bill. Give it away. Spread joy," Klick Health chief creative officer Rich Levy told Fox News.

The company asked employees to film their kind gesture so that they could compile the clips into a heartwarming video. They were encouraged to "get creative".

Within a short period of time, the company received more than 1,700 clips, which was over 10 hours worth of footage.

Watch the video below.

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