Take Any Stereotypes You Have On Bikers And Toss Them Out The Window

November 28, 2013

Bikers are generally envisioned as the type of people who strike fear into the hearts of the average Joe. This particular group embraces that fear and intimidation, but puts it to use for a good cause. They are the Bikers Against Child Abuse.

baca bikers
Meet Tree. He is 6'10"

"We want to empower these children not to feel afraid of the world in which they live," explains Pipes, the leader of the group. "Once people are empowered, they can start to heal."

On the initial meeting, the entire chapter visits the child. Over 20 motorcycles come cruising down the street waking up the entire neighborhood. The child, usually intimidated at first, is given their own road name and a vest with the group's patch stitched on the back.

baca bikers

After the initial meeting, two BACA members are assigned to the child, following up on a weekly basis. But that's not all.

Many kids suffering from abuse are scared to testify in court. BACA will show up to court and surround the child as they walk to and from the witness stand.

"Look at us, not him," Pipes tells one of his children in court.

baca bikers

In one case, the Judge asked a child, 'Are you afraid?' She looked up at the Judge and said, 'No.' When asked why not she replied, 'because my friends are scarier than he is.'

baca biker gang

And don't worry. Each BACA member is trained by a licensed mental-health professional affiliated with the chapter. They are fingerprinted and undergo a thorough criminal-background check.


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