Volunteers Across The Country Are Helping Shovel Snow For The Elderly And Those In Need

December 14, 2021

The national nonprofit "I Want To Mow Your Lawn" isn't cutting much grass in the winter, so volunteers are clearing snow off driveways instead.

volunteers shovel snow
Brian Christensen shovels snow

Brian Schwartz launched "I Want To Mow Your Lawn" in 2020. It's a free lawn-mowing service for seniors, age 65 and up, veterans and the disabled. It started in Schwartz' home state of New Jersey, but has expanded to dozens of states across the country.

But with this snow and lack of green lawns to keep up with, volunteers are now helping people who can't shovel their driveways.

Brian Christensen is one of those volunteers helping out in Minneapolis, MN. He signed up for "I Want To Mow Your Lawn" last year for a mental shift.

"It feels good. You know, I think everything that has happened in the past, however many years, has really had people not see the good, and it's kind of what I like to do. People will see the good in the world, and so yeah, it feels good. It's exhausting, but it feels good," said Christensen after shoveling his third driveway of the morning.

Christensen calls it his time of Zen. He adds that shoveling does the same thing for him and helps others at the same time.

Watch the video below.

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