Homeless Man Chooses His Dog Over Housing And Much-Needed Surgery

December 10, 2021

A North Carolina man experiencing homelessness is choosing his dog over housing and much-needed surgery.

homeless man refuses to give up dog
Donald Dickerson / Credit: WGHP

As the saying goes, a dog is man's best friend. And that couldn't be more true for Donald Dickerson.

"Every day he looks at me, I know I am loved. I named him Duude because that's my dude," Dickerson told WGHP. "We have a close, close connection."

Dickerson and Duude spend their days and nights in the woods at a campsite.

"I could have already had a place to live, but they wanted me to foster my dog. I'm not doing that," Dickerson said.

He also needs a knee replacement, but while everything was lined up months ago, doctors said they couldn't operate yet.


"When the doctors found out I was homeless they said we have to postpone it until you find a place to live because someone has to come out and take care of you," Dickerson said.

He has not been able to find a place to stay that will take both him and Duude.

"I cannot give him up. If I have to be homeless and go without my surgery and continue to go through the pain, I will, cause I will not leave him," he said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise funds for Dickerson and Duude. You can donate here.

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