'We Can Do Anything': Deaf High School Football Team Goes Undefeated

November 22, 2021

The football team at the California School for the Deaf has defied the odds with an undefeated season.

deaf school football team undefeated
Credit: Adam Perez / The New York Times

The Varsity football team went 11-0 this season and has also won their divisional championship game for the first time in school history.

The players and coaches rely on American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate.

"It's inspiring for the deaf community quite honestly. 11 and 0 we've never experienced this being this far in playoffs," coach Keith Adams told ABC News. "The community is so excited, the morale has been uplifted, the self-esteem of our players -- you can see a major difference."

Wide receiver Jory Valencia said the team's inspiration was the fact that they've never had a successful season.

"We're showing the world we can play. We're not losing anymore," he said.

deaf school football team undefeated

Running back Enos Zornoza said that their success this season is due to their perseverance and hard work during each practice.

"We can do anything. Deaf people can do anything. We're not this stereotype that's out there," he said.

"We're breaking news that we can do it right. And not just our school here but other schools for the deaf can do it as well."

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