Surgeon Surprises Kids With Hand-Drawn Dressings So The Scar Will Not Be Their Last Memory Of The Operation

September 10, 2021

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Robert Parry always takes a moment to make sure a scar isn't the only lasting memory of a child's surgical procedure.

He surprises them with a hand-drawn dressing featuring a character or something that personally interests them.

Dr Robert Parry
Credit: Akron Children's Hospital

Parry, 62, estimates he's created 10,000 bandages featuring cartoon characters, animals, cars and other designs for his young patients at Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio.

"There was a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Perry Stafford, when I was training at Bethesda. He used to cut out a shark silhouette in the dressings, and they were so well received by the patient families," said Parry.

"I thought that was a great idea, so I started cutting those out for the boys and hearts for the girls. Over the years, it has expanded and now every child that I operate on gets a one-of-a-kind dressing."

Dr Robert Parry
Credit: Akron Children's Hospital

For Parry, the reward is knowing he made a difference.

"During a time of stress for families, it's nice to be able to help them smile and laugh," he said. "This is something positive that I can do for them, which is what I like most about it."

Watch the video below.

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