Cab Driver Helps Elderly Couple In Need Of Help

May 20, 2021

A man named Mr. Good lived up to his name when he came to the rescue of an elderly man in the middle of the night.

cab driver helps elderly in middle of night
Nick Good and Lynda Wells / Credit: Lynda Wells

Nick Good is cab driver in Dorset, England. He was about to pick up a customer in Salwayash around midnight when Lynda Wells came running out of her house.

Wells, 71, is a carer for her 88-year-old husband who has advanced Alzheimer's.

Her husband had fallen out of bed and after 20 minutes of trying, she was unable to lift him off the floor. Wells ran outside to see if any of her neighbors were still up but could not see any lights on in the nearby homes. She was about to call for an ambulance when she saw headlights coming down her road.

cab driver helps elderly in middle of night
Mr. Wells

She asked Good if he would come inside and help her, to which he agreed, and together they were able to help her husband back into bed.

Wells did not even have time to ask the driver for his name before they went their separate ways but, through social media, they managed to connect.

On Monday she took Good a bottle of wine to say thank you.

"I am so lucky that Nick just happened to be driving down the road at that very moment and was kind enough to put his face mask on and come inside and help me - it was like an angel appearing," Wells said.

"I was out in the street in my dressing gown and wellies so goodness knows what he thought of me. I am so pleased that I was able to connect with him on Facebook so I could take him a gift to say thank you."

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