Stray Dog Walks Into Veterinary Clinic In Brazil. He Was Treated For A Cancerous Tumor

March 12, 2021

Surveillance video captured the moment a stray dog walked into a veterinary clinic in Brazil looking for help.

Physician Dayse Silva was sitting behind the welcome desk at Instituto Luisa Mell when the dog limped into the office.

Dr. Silva initially detected an ingrown nail after he greeted her with his paw.

However, further tests revealed the dog had a cancerous tumor requiring him to undergo chemotherapy, the Daily Mail reported.

The first chemotherapy session has already been given to the dog and he has responded positively.

"There's no longer any bleeding and it does not seem to be in pain. It responded well to the first chemotherapy session and we will assess each new procedure to see how many sessions it will need," Silva said.

Silva opened her home to her new friend while he recovers.

The clinic set up a fundraiser to cover the dog's expensive treatments. Donations have already exceeded the clinic's goal of $700.

The clinic has also received calls from residents interested in adopting him.

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