A High School Basketball Player's Act Of Kindness Toward An Opposing Player

February 27, 2021

A high school basketball player in Michigan is being praised for his act of kindness toward a member of the opposing team.

basketball players gives shoes to opposing player
Matt Montie

Matt Montie is a varsity forward on the Wakefield-Marenisco Cardinals. During a game on Friday night against Dollar Bay, he noticed a junior varsity player for Dollar Bay was playing in shoes that weren't meant for basketball.

After his game, he gave the player the shoes off of his own feet -- an act of kindness that no one knew about until later.

Montie said he wanted to make sure he was able to play in true basketball shoes, a LeBron James model from Nike.

"I just remember being young and not being able to afford nicer shoes for basketball and I know how bad it sucked," Monte said. "Basketball shoes are a necessity. I've rolled a lot of ankles not wearing the right shoes for the right things."

But the selfless act didn't go unnoticed.

"My wife was on Facebook and she had mentioned to me, 'Why didn't you tell me what Matthew did last night?'" Coach Terry Fetters told WJMN. "I said, 'I don't know what you're talking about.' When she showed me the Facebook page, I just couldn't believe it. I was blown away."

At the next practice, Fetters held a team meeting and discussed what Matthew had done on Friday night.

"You know, I told the team and the JV team also, I said not only does it make Matthew look good and being a good person, but it makes us all look good. Not only our teams, our school, but our whole community. So, I was very proud of him for that."

Watch the video below.

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