'Well, I Am An Angel You Know': Dolly Parton Saves The Life Of Child On Set Of Christmas Special

December 12, 2020

A 9-year-old dancer in Dolly Parton's upcoming Netflix holiday special, "Christmas on the Square", revealed that the singer/actress saved her life by pulling her out of the path of an oncoming vehicle.

dolly parton saves childs life on set
Credit: Tonia Abruzzo Hill

Sixteen-year-old Tristan, 13-year-old Tyson, and 9-year-old Talia are all siblings who were recently cast in the musical.

Talia recalled the moment Dolly saved her life in a recent interview with Inside Edition.

"We were on set, and I was at the hot chocolate station, and they said go back to your beginning positions," she said. "So there was a vehicle moving, and I was walking, and then somebody grabbed me and pulled me back, and I looked up and it was Dolly Parton."

"And she's like 'Well, I am an angel, you know'," Talia said Parton told her, "cause she plays an angel in the movie."


Talia said she was in shock.

"She hugged me and shook me and said, 'I saved your life'," Talia recalled. "And my mom was crying, like, 'Yes you did, Dolly Parton, yes you did'."

Parton said holiday messages of peace and loving one another are more important than ever this year.

"We can't save the world, but we can save the world we're living in," she told Today. "Maybe I'm dreaming. But I don't think so."

Watch the interview below.

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