Hillary Sadlon Performed 22 Random Acts Of Kindness For Her 22nd Birthday

September 30, 2013

Hillary Sadlon spent six months preparing for her 22nd birthday. But she wasn't planning a party or coming up with a list of gifts. Instead, she was figuring out how to accomplish 22 random acts of kindness.

And when her birthday rolled around on July 23, the Seton Hall nursing student from Belvidere, N.J., along with her friend Meghan Cox and boyfriend Evan Reed, ended up doing just that.

"I wanted to do something big to show that helping others has a contagious rewarding feeling that comes with it," Sadlon told the Setonian. "I wanted to make a difference, even if for one day."

The goodwill tour took 10 hours to complete and went through five cities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, according to USA TODAY.

"I appreciate everyone who is spreading my story," Sadlon told The Huffington Post in an email, "because I want it to inspire others in a positive light."

Random acts on the 22-year-old's list ranged from quick, easy tasks -- like paying someone's toll or putting away grocery carts -- to gestures like donating blood and leaving inspirational notes on cars.

Here is her full list of "random acts of kindness":

random acts of kindness

"When we were done, we were in the best mood you could ever imagine. And that's what I wanted for my birthday," Sadlon told USA TODAY. "Your birthday is supposed to be a happy day. That's what I was. Making someone else smile makes you want to smile."

Source: Huff Post | Photo: Hillary Sadlon

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