Grocery Store Catches Man Stealing, Sends Him Home With Bags Of Groceries

April 24, 2020

When a small local grocery store in Ontario caught someone stealing, they decided to offer help.

A Twitter user said he witnessed a man stealing at a grocery store. Instead of calling police, the owner of the store gave the stranger bags of free food.

central fresh market helps man stealing

That grocery store turned out to be Central Fresh Market in Kitchener.

After hundreds of people replied to the post, Central Fresh Market took to the platform to share their side of the story.

central fresh market helps man stealing

"We were simply helping someone in need, many are very fortunate NOT to worry about their next meal," the company wrote on Twitter.

The decision to help the person in question has had a far-reaching impact on the community.

central fresh market

Central Fresh Market added, "We hope that this will influence at least one person into a #RandomActsOfKindness."

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