DJ John Krasinski Hosted A Virtual Prom For The Class Of 2020

April 18, 2020

With high school proms cancelled across the country, John Krasinski hosted an online version for the class of 2020.

John Krasinksi SGN virtual Prom 2020

"I can't take it anymore how much you are all missing your prom," Krasinski said. "So let's do something about it!"

On Friday night, Krasinski hosted a virtual prom, featuring performances from Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers.

Eilish is actually a huge fan of "The Office," and even sampled a snippet of dialogue from the show for her song "My Strange Addiction."

"I absolutely adore you guys," Krasinski said to Billie and Finneas. "I've been a big fan of you since forever. The fact that you used 'The Office' in a song blew my brain out, and I don't think I fully recovered — ever."

Chance the Rapper and Krasinski's "The Office" co-star Rainn Wilson also made appearances on the live stream.

Throughout the night, high schoolers and their parents posted photos and videos to thank Krasinski for hosting such a wonderful prom night.

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