10 Year-Old Hero Saves Toddler From Drowning

September 4, 2013

10 year-old Austin Beach was visiting Destin, Florida with his family from Mississippi having no idea he would soon be named a hero.

The hotel's security footage shows a young girl wander away from her parents and fall into the deep end of the pool. She struggles for a minute gasping for air at the surface before sinking straight to the bottom.

"I went to go under and I saw her laying right there on the bottom of the pool, by the drain," explains Austin. "She had green stuff coming out of her mouth....I went to go save her."

Austin dove to the bottom and brought the girl up out of the water holding her above his head.

Austin's mom says helping people is second nature to him, "All my babies are precious, but Austin, he's got a heart that's very rare to find."

The young girl was hospitalized after the accident. Now she is doing fine.

Source: WearTV.com (ABC)

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