Kenya Installs The First Solar Plant That Transforms Ocean Water Into Clean Drinking Water

November 27, 2019

The people of Kiunga, Kenya, have been forced to drink, cook and bathe in contaminated, brackish water for years.

In 2018, GivePower, a nonprofit that provides solar energy solutions to regions that need it most, installed its first-ever solar water farm which has been providing clean water to 35,000 every single day.

solar water farm kenya
Credit: GivePower

The solar water farm turns the salt water of the Indian Ocean into clean drinking water through advanced filtration systems. The main issue is that water plants cost a lot to run, however, solar panels have helped solve this issue.

GivePower's solar water farm harvests solar energy using its solar panels. These are able to produce 50 kilowatts of energy and power two water pumps that run 24 hours a day.


Before their solar farm installation, the people of Kiunga had to travel up to one hour each way a day just to get access to clean drinking water.

GivePower's solution has enabled 35,000 people a day to have access to clean water.

"Just $20 provides clean, healthy, fresh water for one person for an ENTIRE decade!" GivePower Foundation wrote on Instagram.

Watch the video below.

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