Dozens Of People Stop Traffic On Busy Highway To Rescue A Dog

November 14, 2019

A large group of people went above and beyond to rescue a dog on a busy highway in Houston.

Witnesses say the owner of the dog was involved in a car accident, and the dog sprinted out of the vehicle and down Beltway 8.

About 20 drivers stopped their vehicles in the middle of the highway and helped rescue the frightened pup.

"Everybody was on the same page. It seemed like it was really like a team oriented thing because everybody at the same time slowed down and put flashers on and the first thing everyone cared about was taking care of that dog," witness Toby Tinelli said.

A good Samaritan eventually caught the dog and held onto it until the owner showed up.

"We brought some water out. My wife had water and a bowl, and we got the dog some water and cooled it down a little bit and it was a big relief," Tinelli said.

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