Idaho Farmers Unite To Help A Neighbor Harvest His Potatoes Hours Before A Deep Freeze

October 12, 2019

Farmers in eastern Idaho got word that one of their own still had potatoes to harvest -- hours before a hard freeze.

They all came together to lend a helping hand.

On Wednesday, a farmer near the small community of Hamer (about 32 miles north of Idaho Falls) had potatoes still in the ground and the hard freeze coming. He wasn't going to be able to take in all his crop in time.

So other farmers and members of the community came to help save his crop.

Jason Larson was one of many wanting to help. While heading to the farm, he took a quick video of the convoy. The convoy of trucks included nine harvesters and he estimated that 50 people in total showed up.

"They got it all harvested by about 8 p.m.," Larson said.

He estimated they saved several hundred thousand dollars' worth of potatoes.

"What people do is they help their neighbor," Larson said. "There really wasn't a second thought about it."

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