Police Officer Helps Student Fix His Tie For Graduation

June 5, 2019

A police officer in Georgia helped a young man with his tie before his high school graduation.

officer helps student with tie
Credit: Trish Wood

Officer James Flowers of Kingsland Police Department was busy directing traffic when he noticed the teen and decided to lend a hand.

The video was posted on Facebook by Patricia Wood.

Many residents of the community commented on the video to commend the officer for his kind act.

"I am a teacher and during career week, I contacted him at the last minute and he came to our preschool class the next day to talk with our children," Danielle said. "He is always helping people in the community."

"My man, James Flowers, not surprised at all," another person commented. "Seen him on his day off he visited a kid in a shelter for children out of town. He is a great man."

"I saw him helping a different young man as well. Kudos!" another person wrote.

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