Single Mom's NASA Internship Gets Funded By Strangers

June 3, 2019

India Jackson was awarded the opportunity of a lifetime. The single mother had been selected to be a NASA Intern at the Johnson Space Center.

There was just one problem: She couldn't afford to move to Houston for 10 weeks.

mom nasa internship funded strangers india

The 32-year-old physics PHD student at Georgia State University was worried she would not be able to afford the cost of flights for her and her daughter, accommodations, and a car rental.

So, India's cousin Dasha Fuller launched a GoFundMe page on her behalf.

"This is a lifelong dream of hers, and a long time coming, and I am very proud of her. Unfortunately, she is unable to attend. India is a single mother and a struggling graduate student, so money is tight," Dasha wrote on the page.

Dasha did the math and came up with an $8,000 goal which included costs for an Airbnb for 10 weeks, two round-trip plane tickets, a car rental and various minor expenses.


The heartfelt plea caught the attention of generous donors, and within 24 hours the GoFundMe page had reached its goal.

"It was overwhelming, no words can describe it," India told the BBC. "Someone donated $1,000, and another just $1, but it doesn't matter how much. People believed in me, they had my best interests at heart."

Although people are still trying to donate, India shut it down and refuses to accept more donations.

"I'm very grateful but I don't need any more," India said. "You don't do science to make money, You do science to make history."

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