Police Officers Build New Wheelchair Ramp For Elderly Couple

May 16, 2019

Police officers in California built a wheelchair ramp for an elderly couple after responding to a medical call at the residence.

cops help build ramp

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety posted the story on their Facebook page.

This is what they wrote:

"On Monday evening, several of our officers responded to a medical call at a residence in Sunnyvale.

After treating the patient, the officers discovered that his wheelchair ramp was in need of some major repairs."

cops help build ramp

"The couple, both elderly, were unable to physically repair the ramp themselves and didn't have the money to pay someone to do it.

Our officers knew they couldn't just leave without doing anything about it, so they left to gather supplies needed and came back to repair the ramp."

cops help build ramp

"Although these officers believe they do not need any special recognition for doing this, we wanted to share this story to show you the often unseen kindness that our officers spread throughout our communities.

This story wouldn't have been shared had Captain Anderson not been there to record these scenes and these officers wouldn't have told anyone about their act of kindness."

cops help build ramp

"Everyday officers from across our nation impact the lives of others in ways unnoticed.

To all who go above and beyond, thank you."

cops help build ramp

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