City Bus Driver Stops To Help Car Stuck In Snow On Train Tracks

March 4, 2019

A Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver and her passengers worked together to move a car stuck in the snow in the middle of train tracks.

bus driver pulls over to help car in snow
Milwaukee County Transit System

Surveillance footage shows bus driver Shenika Merrill saying, "Somebody needs to help get that person off the tracks. That’s very dangerous."

Merrill then stopped the bus and got out to help, along with a passenger. Then, one by one, more passengers got off the bus to help push the car off the tracks.

"This lady, bless her heart, stopped her bus and was so worried about me," the driver of the car said in a press release. "She gathered everyone she could and they pushed me out of the snow until I regained traction. This wonderful deed made such a great impact on me. Thank you! You are the reason I got to work today to help save lives."

Watch the video below.

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