Police Officer Films 3 Young Men Helping Elderly Couple

February 5, 2019

A police officer in Bronson, Florida, filmed a touching video of a group of young men helping a struggling senior get into her car.

Officer Kenesha Carnegie was stopped at a gas station when she saw the men helping the 89-year-old woman get into her car.

"I look over and three men were assisting the couple — it was a beautiful thing to see," Carnegie told Yahoo Lifestyle.

After the men successfully maneuver the woman into the car, her husband can be heard saying "Thank you so much fellas. I'm 100 years old."

Marty, one of the young men in the video, said were grabbing snacks at the gas station when they saw the elderly couple through a window.

"We didn't even ask if they needed help, we felt comfortable giving them a hand right away," says the 30-year-old. "I kept thinking, 'She could have been my grandmother.' 100 years old is a beautiful life."

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