Two Police Officers Save 7-Year-Old Who Was Not Breathing

December 6, 2018

Two police officers helped save the life of a 7-year-old girl who nearly died from a severe asthma attack.

NYPD officers Ilyna Timofeeva and Michal Dodz arrived to the New Brighton home to find the child laid unconscious on the floor.

"The mom was screaming, the father was saying ‘help her, help her'," said Dodz. "That's when our training kicked in, and we did what we were trained to do."

Dodz and Timofeeva took turns performing chest compressions on the child, as members of the FDNY arrived with oxygen.

"That first breath was very emotional for everybody," said Timofeeva. "I teared up."

The girl was rushed with a police escort to Richmond University Medical Center in West Brighton.

Officers said the ordeal lasted about four minutes, from the time they arrived to the time she was transported to the hospital.

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