Man Is Captured On Security Cam Returning Woman's Missing Wallet

November 17, 2018

A DC woman has found the Good Samaritan who was captured on her home security camera returning her missing wallet.

Katie Egger Makris, who lives in Michigan Park, posted the security footage on her Facebook page in hopes that someone might recognize the man.

"Does anyone recognize this guy?" she wrote in her post. "This guy was nice enough to stop his van, clearly checked the address on the ID and returned it under our mat... Random Dallas fan in the plaid with the white van: thank you. You're what's right in the world."

"Usually when you lose your wallet in the city, it's gone. And so is, sometimes, your identity and credit cards and those kinds of things can haunt you for a while," Makris told Fox 5.

Makris' post was shared 445 times and picked up by local news stations which led to the discovery of the mystery Good Samaratan.

"The good Samaritan has been found!" Makris wrote in an update on Facebook. "I had the opportunity to talk to the man who returned my wallet yesterday, after his family ID'd him on several local news reports last night and reached out on FB. Out of respect for him & his family's privacy I won't list his name, but, he delivers Washington Post to my neighborhood.


I've never had the chance to see him in person because he's usually dropping the paper after I've left the house, or I've otherwise not been near the door to see him. When we talked, we both couldn't believe how many people picked up the story and how many people viewed the video. To him, this was just a normal morning, and he was just doing a normal thing...being the clearly good-hearted human he is, watching out for the neighborhood he spends each morning in. He said he was just 'doing the right thing.' And he was. And I am sure there are so many more stories like it, but maybe this went viral because people don't always report the good stuff these days. Even if it seems simple, it can really brighten someone's day. He sure made mine, and I know he made thousands of other people's too!

We'd love to do something nice for him this holiday season and definitely will. Please do the same, as it's the only way we'll keep moving forward. And if you live near me, make sure you give a little extra thanks to the man that delivers that Washington Post on your doorstep! Show some gratitude to those around you, treat others how you'd want to be treated, and slow down and notice the world around you. As Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of every show, 'be kind to one another'."

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