Teen inventor builds fully functioning submarine for only $2000

June 5, 2013

18 year-old Justin Beckerman successfully built a fully-submerging submarine for just $2,000. Beckerman calls his creation the "Nautilus".

The submarine can be fully submerged up to a depth of 30 feet. In the video below, Beckerman explores the bottom of Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey for 10 minutes while his father and younger brother monitored closely from the their dock.

Although only 18 years-old, this is not Beckerman's first submarine. His first attempt was a small radio controlled submarine which could only descend 2 feet before flooding. The "Nautilus" is Beckerman's first successful submarine that can be manned by people. It contains a PA system for communication, a small motor, two ballast tanks, and a life support raft that pumps air in and out of the cockpit.

Full Story: Yahoo! News

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