Hospital Staff Save 8-Year-Old Boy With 5-Hour CPR Session

September 30, 2018

Hospital staff at a children's hospital in Jiangsu, China saved an 8-year-old boy's life last week, performing CPR for more than 5 hours after the boy went into cardiac arrest under their care.

Hospital staff save 8-year-old boy with 5 hour CPR session

Sina News reported that the boy was admitted to Changzhou Children's Hospital with extreme abdominal pain and running a high fever.

An electrocardiogram and blood work confirmed that the child's heart was in dire shape and he was transferred to the intensive care unit.

The next morning, as he awaited transfer to a hospital in Shanghai better-equipped to treat his condition, the boy's blood pressure plummeted and his heart stopped.

Thirty hospital staff, in rotating shifts of two minutes, participated in a five hour marathon CPR session to keep the boy alive until help from the hospital in Shanghai arrived.

Xiao Yu is now in stable condition receiving treatment at Shanghai’s Fudan Hospital and has reportedly sent a letter to the entire Changzhou Children’s Hospital staff thanking them for saving his life.

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