Student Is Overjoyed After Teacher Surprises Him With A Real Drum Set

September 28, 2018

Stacy Caldwell, a music teacher at Wilmeth Elementary School in McKinney, Texas, believed 10-year-old Alijah had a special talent after hearing him play drums on a bucket.

She asked him if he'd ever had lessons, and found out he was self-taught.

teacher surprises student with drum set
Credit: Stacy Caldwell

Not having his own drum set, Alijah could only practice at school, church and Guitar Center.

But that all changed, thanks to Caldwell and a few community members.


In a video posted on Facebook, Caldwell asks Alijah to stay after class and surprises him with his very own drum set.

"We all believe in you and we want you to have the tools that you need to be successful," Caldwell says to him.

"I just was not expecting the kind of reaction that I got from him. It was really hard to keep from crying when I saw tears in his eyes," Caldwell said.

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