Man Sings To Cancer Patients On The Anniversary Of His Mother's Death

August 17, 2018

A local musician stopped by the John B. Amos Cancer Center in Columbus, GA., on the anniversary of his mother's death to spread a little joy to cancer patients.

local musician sings to cancer patients
Credit: News 3

Ryan Alexander is a local musician whose mom died from cancer. He said to cope with the loss, he would drink often.

But he decided to make a change and do something that would make his mother proud, which consists of using his God-given ability to sing.

Alexander visited the Cancer Center on August 15, the anniversary of his mother's death, to perform for current patients.

"I think she'd be really really proud that I found my calling and my dream, with something that no matter what I'm doing, it's something that I can run to that makes me happy. So I decided to do my best to honor her on the anniversary of her death which is today," he told WTVM.

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