Newborn Receives Pacemaker

February 16, 2012

A team of doctors at Stanford University Hospital successfully completed a miraculous life saving operation today. The patient was a 15 minute old child that was in desperate need of some heart help and while many doctors did not think it could work out the doctors at Stanford proved them wrong. The infant had been diagnosed with an incredibly rate heart ailment and immediately after being born was taken into critical surgery.


The surgeon behind the operation was the first to propose the procedure and immediately after birth he began the operation. Doctors said the chances of survival were slim and the chances of a successful recovery were even less likely; today that has been proven wrong as the surgery did in fact go off without a hitch and the infant is recovering well. After approximately an hour of intense operation the infant’s surgery was complete and the doctors announced that the procedure had went well.

A procedure like this on such a young child is incredibly uncommon. Doctors are happy that it went so well and they are confident that the child will recover quickly and fully. The family has expressed their gratitude towards the doctors and the medical team at the hospital and they are hopeful that in a few short weeks they will be ready to return home. Stories like this are uncommon and inspiring as this is truly a miracle made possibly by modern day medicine and quick thinking doctors and surgeons.

Source: Written by Jonathan Cox, Amazing News

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