Mystery Benefactor Donates $331,000 To Pay For 3-Year-Old's Cancer Treatment

June 21, 2018

An anonymous donor has given £250,000 ($331,000) to help fund a three-year-old's potentially life-saving experimental treatment in Mexico.

huge donation to girl with cancer
Edie Molyneux

Edie Molyneux from Wirral, England, is battling a rare brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG).

This is a part of the brain that cannot be operated on because of the location and the sensitive nature of the area.

"In the UK chemotherapy is not an option because the levels needed to treat this tumor would poison the rest of the body. Radiotherapy would alleviate symptoms, make her more comfortable and ease any pain but we would inevitably still lose her," the family wrote on

Her parents, Ashleigh and Stephen Stadling, began desperately trying to raise £700,000 earlier this year for experimental treatment in Mexico.

Now her treatment fund has rocketed to £428,000 after an unnamed benefactor donated £250,000.

huge donation to girl with cancer
Edie Molyneux

Edie has seen her tumour start to "die" because of the breakthrough therapy, but doctors warn she needs more.

Edie's family are now waiting to hear back from doctors to discuss her latest scan results, but she is doing remarkably well and is even sitting up by herself, the Daily Mail reported.

"The most recent MRI scan shows a small amount of shrinkage, a massive step as we were previously told the tumor was stable."

To help Edie and her family, visit

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