He's OK! Video Of Cat On Top Of Van Going 60 Mph On Interstate Goes Viral

May 24, 2018

A video of a cat on top of a speeding van on the highway is going viral on social media.

The goods news is the cat has been identified and he is okay!

Ronda Rankin, of Omaha, posted the video on Facebook on Saturday.

"So this happened yesterday on I-480," she wrote.

The video made the local news and the story eventually reached the owner of the cat.

Michelle Criger told KETV NewsWatch 7 her cat must have hitched a ride for two miles through neighborhood streets, hills and then the interstate before anyone noticed.

"He takes off, does what he wants," Criger said. "He's a rebel. He does everything he wants to do."

"Just before he came alongside me and started honking, I thought I heard a 'meow,' and I didn't say anything to my boyfriend because I'm thinking to myself, 'Why would I hear a meow?' "

Criger said they pulled over on Interstate 480 and realized it was their cat.

"When I got him off the roof of the van, he wasn't scared at all," said Criger. "He wasn't shaking, heart racing, nothing. We were more scared than him."

Criger says they will always check under and on top of the van now before leaving home.

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