History Has Been Made At The 2018 Korean Summit: North And South Korea Talk Peace

April 27, 2018

North and South Korea took the first steps towards peace on Friday during the 2018 inter-Korean summit.

President Moon Jae-in of South Korea and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un of North Korea have met for the first time and agreed to end the Korean war.

peace between north and south korea
Screenshot / Credit: BBC Video

"Chairman Kim, for the first time in our history you crossed the military demarcation line," Moon told told North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and North Korean delegation as they began talks. "The military demarcation line is no longer a symbol of division but a symbol of peace."

As president Moon and Kim Jong Un were doing their photo-ops on the South Korean side of the border, Moon lightheartedly said, "I wonder how long until I will get to go to North Korea." Kim Jong Un responded, "Let's do it right now."

During the closed-door morning meeting, the two leaders discussed denuclearisation and rebuilding relations.

They also agreed that Moon will travel to Pyongyang, North Korea, later this year.

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