6 year-old raises money to donate 1,800 coloring books to sick children

April 10, 2013

Jake June donated 1,800 coloring books to the Stony Brook Long Island Children's Hospital. The 6 year-old wanted to pay it forward after the hospital treated him for a stomach flu this past winter.

According to Jake's parents, it was all his idea.

"We're just so proud of him. It came out of nowhere on his own. He just wanted to repay the favor that was done for him," Jake's father, Scott June, said.

Jake and his family raised the money with home-brewed iced tea and home-baked cookies. They sold them at All Pro Sports Academy, Jake's father's business.

Jake and his family were able to raise $275, which purchased 1,800 childrens' coloring books. The books were donated to sick kids at the hospital's pediatric emergency department.

Source: Patch.com | Photo: Courtesy of Stony Brook Long Island Children's Hospital

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