Body Cam Footage Shows 2 Police Officers Saving A Choking 2-Month-Old Girl

March 22, 2018

Two Ohio police officers saved a 2-month-old girl who was choking and it was all captured on camera.

police officers save choking baby

Ryan Sidders and Alex Oklander of the Shaker Heights Police Department approached what they believe to be a disabled car Tuesday morning.

After realizing the driver was in distress, Officer Oklander pulls the baby out of her car seat.

"She's choking," Sidders can be heard saying to his partner in the video.

Oklander then holds the baby face down at an angle and pats her on the back until she spits out the milk she was choking on.

"Okay, she's breathing," Sidders says before handing the baby back to her mother.

The body cam footage was posted on Facebook by the Shaker Heights Police Department.

Watch the video below.

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