Man Risks His Life To Rescue Two Missing Dogs Who Were Trapped On A Mountain

February 24, 2018

A brave mountain climber risked his life to save two lost dogs who were stuck on a mountain in freezing temperatures.

hikers find missing dogs in mountain

37-year-old Scott Pilling decided to search for the lost pups after seeing a Facebook post about a missing German Shepherd and Mongrel.

The post said the dogs were last seen in The Lake District in England.

hikers find missing dogs in mountain

hikers find missing dogs in mountain

Pilling, who had never met the dogs' owner, rallied a few hikers and drove 94 miles from his home to carry out the successful rescue mission.

"When I spotted them in the distance and they responded to my whistles I couldn’t believe it," Pilling said. "If they’d been there much longer they would not have survived."

"The bigger dog has been shielding the smaller dog from the elements, which was amazing to see. The smaller one needed to be cuddled and rubbed as he was so cold."

hikers find missing dogs in mountain

The dogs' owner, Colette Kilroy, who had also been out searching, said she was overwhelmed by Pilling's efforts.

"I cannot put into words how thankful and appreciative I am," she said. "You are a hero in my eyes and I feel so blessed and thankful that you were there. Thank for risking your life for my dogs and persisting to rescue them both."

hikers find missing dogs in mountain

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