Encouraging Letters from Strangers Save Suicidal Teen's Life

March 13, 2013

Noah Brocklebank has had his share of extreme bullying and saw suicide as his only escape. Thousands of support letters from caring strangers poured in to change his mind.

12 year-old Brocklebank posted a photo of self inflicted wounds and a suicide note on Instagram. The note outlined his plan to end his own life on his 13th birthday.

Concerned about her son's life, Karen Brocklebank went to find help from strangers. She created the website LettersForNoah.com asking for letters of encouragement for her esteem battered son.

Thousands of letters poured in from people all over the world. Over 15,000 people liked the facebook support page.

As Noah continues to recover, the letters continue to come. Now he believes there is a place for him in this world.

"I was focused on like, the bad side of the people, like the bullies," he told CBS. "Then I realized, that there are caring people out there that could be my friends."


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