'Look Santa, I Can Walk!': Little Girl Walks For The First Time After Operation To Fix Her Spine

December 16, 2017

This Morning viewers have been moved to tears watching a 3-year-old girl walk unaided for the first time to meet Santa Claus.

Esme Hodge walks first time to meet Santa

Esme Hodge, from Bristol, England, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic diaplegia last year and until recently could only get around with the assistance of a wheelchair.

But in September she traveled to the U.S. for an operation to fix her spine and last Sunday she took her very first steps.

Despite doctors' estimations of a 6-12 month recovery period, Esme has defied the odds, walking to Santa and declaring: "Look Santa, I can walk!"

Esme's parents said it's the "best Christmas present they have ever received."

Watch Esme walk to Santa in the video below.

*The video from This Morning is not available in the US. This is the original video.

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