Mississippi 2 year-old officially cured of HIV

March 5, 2013

A 2 year-old from Mississippi born with HIV has been diagnosed as "functionally cured". The toddler is showing zero evidence of the dangerous disease in her bloodstream.

The child's mother tested positive for HIV during pregnancy. Doctor's treated the baby with high doses of 3 antiretroviral drugs just 30 hours AFTER her birth, hoping to control the virus.

Doctor's believe the 3 antiretroviral drugs is the game changing cure to HV, preventing AIDS.

"This is the very first case in which we've conclusively been able to document that the baby was infected and then after a period of treatment has been able to go off treatment without viral rebound," Doctor Katherine Luzuriaga told CNN.

After a couple of days, the newborn baby tested positive for HIV. Now, just 2 years later, doctors confirmed that there is no trace of HIV in her bloodstream.

Doctors can not say that the drugs actually kill the disease. Tests showed the virus in the baby's blood continued to decrease and reached undetectable levels within 29 days of the initial treatment.

Read the full story here at CNN.com

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