Custodian Worked Graveyard Shift For 23 Years So All His Children Could Attend College Tuition-Free

November 16, 2017

Fred Vautour has worked the graveyard shift at Boston College for 23 years so that his children could attend the prestigious university tuition-free.

dad works custodian night shift 23 years to pay for kids tuition
Fred Vautour

All five of Vautour's children went on to be accepted at Boston College — and because of their father's employment there, they were able to go to school completely free of tuition.

Vautour says his employment decision has saved his family more than $700,000 in tuition.

Working from midnight to 7 a.m. each day, Vautour has only missed three and a half days of work in the 23 years he's been on the job.

He says that his commitment to his job was about understanding the value of its benefits — primarily, free college tuition for his children — over the pursuit of opportunities for higher wages. And getting to see his five children all graduate without student debt has been incredibly rewarding.

AOL's original series "Lifers" featured Vautour for his loyalty and dedication to his job. Watch the video below.

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