Homeless man without phone sends dog for help with note attached to collar

February 18, 2013

A homeless man in Washington state sent his loyal companion for help after suffering from a severe medical emergency.

With no way to call for help, the man wrote a note to "send help" and attached it to his Australian Sheppard mix. His dog, named Buddy, ran off in search of help.

A woman walking her dog came across Buddy and found the note, which actually read, "Help. Send help. No joke, cannot walk. Medicine not working. Need doctor."

Local police soon arrived and helped save the man's life. According to Detective Jen Kolb, he was completely immobile and very afraid.

His desperate attempt for help involved attaching a note to a dog and hpoing for the best. Dogs have been known to help mankind in so many ways and this is another story to add to the list.

After being released from the hospital, the man was reunited with his hero, Buddy.


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