9 year-old girl from Colorado starts a farming business to save her family from bankruptcy

February 6, 2013

A young girl from Colorado started farming chicken eggs all by herself to help save her parents from going bankrupt.

9 year-old Shelby Grebenc, with no training or history of farming in her family, bought 135 chickens with a loan from her grandmother. With an efficient method, Shelby began making a considerable profit.

Shelby's plan arised after watching her mother, Nancy, suffer from a severe case of multiple sclerosis. The inflammatory disease left her unable to walk or feed herself. Nancy was placed in a nursing home for constant, professional care.

Although Shelby's father, Jonmichael, was employed, the nursing-home bills were sending the family straight to bankruptcy. Shelby was not informed about the family's finances, but she caught on real fast.

"Because I could see how sad he was, and I decided to help him," Shelby said.

Shelby's farming business makes around $15,000 a year. No matter how much she actually makes, her story sure is an inspiration.

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