1st Place Runner Collapses 50m Shy Of Finish Line, Gets Help From 2nd Place Runner

August 9, 2017

Rob Gomez had a chance to win the $1,000 prize as the top male finisher in Maine's TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K after front-runner Jesse Orach had fallen for a second time within sight of the finish line.

Instead of running past Orach, Gomez stopped, pulled Orach to his feet and forcibly held him upright over the last 50 meters before giving him a final nudge forward to make sure Orach crossed the finish line first.

First place runner collapses 50m shy of finish line, helped across by second place runner

Photos of Gomez's selfless act have been circulating on social media and Gomez has remained humble.

"They've put me on a pedestal I don't really deserve," Gomez told the Press Herald. "What people saw was just an example of the running community. It's not really special. It's just what we do."

runner helps opponent over finish line
Photo credit: Ben McCanna / Press Herald

Some wondered how Gomez could pass up winning himself, especially since the first place finisher gets a $1,000 prize.

"It wasn't a calculated decision," he said. "It wasn't because I'm some sort of hero or some sort of special person, because I'm not. As runners, we understand, we pick each other up and help each other."

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