Watch Good Samaritans Rescue And Revive An Infant And Toddler From Texas Floodwaters

May 1, 2017

Tom Mitchell was out driving around when he came upon a terrifying scene Saturday: a pickup truck flipped over in a ditch full of rushing water near Myrtle Springs, Texas.

Inside was Phillip Ocheltree, his infant son Marshal, and his toddler daughter Addyson.

When Mitchell arrived, half a dozen people were working frantically to extricate the family from the vehicle, but the rushing water was so swift that they couldn't even open the door.

Then one of the rescuers rushes from the vehicle carrying an unresponsive infant.

Mitchell at that point puts his phone in his pocket to start CPR on the baby.

The video continues as Mitchell works to save the baby's life, with a woman heard praying for the child's life.

"Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe," the woman says in the video. "Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe."

WFAA-TV reported that Ocheltree and his two children are now on the mend.

"All scans and tests say it looks promising," Ocheltree said on Facebook. "We seriously cannot thank all of the friends, people family everyone that has been with us thank you all for your support and prayers the man upstairs is hearing them loud and clear."

Watch the video below.

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