College Students Spend Spring Break Installing Solar Panels For Low-Income Families

March 19, 2017

These college students may be out in the sun during spring break, but it's not because they're partying on a beach – they're actually choosing to install solar panels on rooftops instead.

Over 100 students from 15 different universities participated in the "Solar Spring Break" program through the nonprofit GRID Alternatives, which offers free solar arrays for low-income families, while providing work experience to student volunteers.

"Instead of going to party somewhere, they’re spending their spring break out here," said Paul Cleary, executive director for the organization.

"Solar Spring Break was deeply eye opening, mind opening and heart opening," comments Jasmine Tan, an undergraduate at Duke University. "I felt so much more connected, not only to the solar and sustainability industry, but also to a whole new community and network."

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